Community Resources

Breastfeeding Support

La Leche League

Breastfeeding USA

Chocolate Milk of Wilmington

WIC (Women, Infants & Children)

New Hanover Regional Medical Center: Mother’s Milk Club

Badass Breastfeeeders of the Port City (FB Group)

Lactation Counseling Services

The Milky Mermaid

Infant Bodywork:

Happy Families Happy Babies

Jess Ahlum (910) 377-7450



Jess is a pre and perinatal psychologist, coach, and somatic therapist passionate about personal growth, healing, and bettering ourselves through relationships.

Mental Health Support:

Leslie Black

Chysalis Post Partum Support Group

Mommas Love Mommas Support Group

Trinity Wellness Center

Babywearing Support:

Babywearing of Wilmington

Courtney Gomez at Seaside Doula

Local Doulas:

Cape Fear Area Doulas

Port City Urban Doulas

With Love Eliza Jean

Port City Doula

Tongue Tie Support:

Dentists/Tongue Tie Revision:

Renaissance Dental (Sarah Pless, DDS)


Multi disciplinary team, specifically trained in assessing and treating tethered oral tissues. Using the latest technology and therapies to ensure the best oral heath outcome that expands beyond infant hood.