Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of our community. We love, appreciate and support each and everyone one of you!

If you have a photo you’d like to add to this album, please email us at

New PCBP T-Shirts & Tanks

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The most recent PCBP T-shirt fundraiser that featured tanks, v-neck tees, toddler shirts, men’s shirt and onesie’s. This fundraiser raised almost $300 to further the Port City Breastfeeding Project mission.

Nurse in at the NIR Family YMCA

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Port City Breastfeeding Project supported area wide nurse in at the NIR Family YMCA after a local mother was asked to leave the pool area while nursing her child. PCBP aims to empower all parents who make the choice to breastfeed as well as educate the community on how to further support families and the rights every breastfeeding parent is afforded by the law.

2019 Big Latch On

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Each year PCBP puts on the main event for World Breastfeeding Week (First week in August). In 2019 we hosted it at the UNCW Watson College of Education. It was a beautiful event with lots of friendship, love and milk. There was a total 85 breastfeeders, 121 Nurslings, 17 Support people, 14 Support children. Globally the count was: 13,081 people latched during The Big Latch On!